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Sex toys Shop and gift shop in Athens

funkyshop specializes in high quality erotic equipment, certified according to the E.U. regulations and sent always in discrete packaging.

Except the vibrators and other sex toys our shop has a large variety of gifts, ready for shipping and at attractive pricing.

What makes funkyshop's sex toys unique though is their variety and originality. We searched and found products to cover any need and preference that will stimulate your imagination and temperament. With a simple search in our sex shop category, we are confident you will find something that will match your likes like a glove.

Sex toys technology changes fast and constantly so in the unlikely event that you are searching for a erotic product that is missing from our product list, it would be very useful to us to let us know via email or phone. Our supplies department will respond instantly and we will try to add your favorite sex toy to our sex shop as soon as possible.